Our trade company Guangzhou Yige (hereinafter referred as the company Yige) is a professional company in foreign trade. Yige company was founded in 1993 and has headquartered in Guangzhou now. The company has been selling toys, art products, sports goods, carriages, bicycles and so on. There are 5 factories OEM which are following our company, so our annual export is more than 12 thousand containers. Company is the largest  enterprise which exporting toys to Russia. 
     Initially, the company was formed in Urumqi city. While the development of the company business it also has opened new offices in another cities such as Guangzhou, Shantou, Yiwu, to increase procurement network. The company has a designers team and everytime trying to develop some new products for China or Russia. We had also enhanced customer base in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other CIS countries as well. For example, in Moscow we cooperate with commercial enterprises such as BEGEMOT, SIMBAT, GRAT, etc.
In recent years, the company has been developign new brands, such as JOYTOY, JOY BABY, MAXXPRO, EXPLORE, such as toys, children's tricycles, bicycles and so on. All of this products are very popular among children in Russia, Ukraine and Middle East .
     Focusing on the competition of products on the market, the company  adheres to the strategy of sustainable development and now we are paying special attention to the quality of products and services while gaining recognition and trust of customers. This helps us to have a harmoniously develop and stable success in the market. In Guangdong province, where there are many opportunities of development and competition, our company strictly complies and adheres to the rules of corporate culture, achieving targets and supports of new ideas development. Together we create the future!